Ultimate Comfort: 10 Best Breastfeeding Positions

Comfort, Convenience, and Multitasking in Breastfeeding Positions

As a new mother, finding the perfect breastfeeding positions can feel like a daunting task. When my daughter was a newborn, I searched high and low for the most comfortable and convenient position. To my delight, I discovered the rugby hold. With this position, I still had one hand free, which made multitasking a breeze. If you’re a mother to more than one child, you’ll appreciate that the rugby hold doesn’t monopolize your entire body, leaving room for your other children as well. Another helpful tip: your pregnancy pillow can be repurposed for support during breastfeeding!

Here’s a list of the top 10 breastfeeding positions for maximum comfort:

  1. Rugby/Foodball Hold: As mentioned earlier, the rugby hold allows you to tuck your baby under your arm, with their head resting on your hand. This position is perfect for mothers with a c-section or multiple children, as it leaves your other hand free for multitasking.
  2. Cradle Hold: This classic position involves cradling your baby in the crook of your arm, with their head resting in the bend of your elbow. The cradle hold is ideal for newborns and smaller babies, as it offers great support for their head and neck.
  3. Cross-Cradle Hold: Similar to the cradle hold, the cross-cradle position involves supporting your baby’s head with the opposite hand from the breast they’re feeding on. This hold offers better control and can be especially helpful for mothers with larger breasts or smaller infants.
  4. Side-Lying Position: Lying on your side with your baby facing you, this position allows for a more relaxed and comfortable breastfeeding experience. It’s perfect for nighttime feedings or when you’re recovering from a c-section.
  5. Laid-Back Position: Also known as biological nurturing, the laid-back position involves leaning back in a semi-reclined position with your baby lying tummy-to-tummy on top of you. This position encourages your baby to latch naturally and can help prevent sore nipples.
  6. Upright Position: Also known as the koala hold, this position involves holding your baby upright while they straddle your thigh. The upright position is especially helpful for babies with reflux or for mothers with an overactive letdown.
  7. Double Football Hold: Ideal for mothers of twins, the double football hold involves holding both babies in a rugby position under each arm. This position allows you to feed both babies simultaneously and is a real time-saver.
  8. Dangle Feeding: In this position, you lean over your baby, allowing gravity to assist with the milk flow. Dangle feeding can help alleviate breast engorgement and is also helpful for mothers with an overactive letdown.
  9. Supine Position: With your baby lying on their back and your breast hovering above their mouth, the supine position is a comfortable option for mothers who prefer to feed lying down. This position can also help reduce the risk of ear infections in your baby.
  10. Reclining Position: Similar to the laid-back position, the reclining position involves leaning back at a slight angle with your baby lying on top of you. This position is perfect for mothers who prefer a more relaxed feeding experience or for those who have larger breasts.

Your Perfect Breastfeeding Position

In conclusion, experimenting with different breastfeeding positions can help you find the one that’s most comfortable for you and your baby. Whether it’s the rugby hold or the laid-back position, these top 10 breastfeeding positions are sure to make your breastfeeding journey a more enjoyable experience for both you and your little one. Don’t forget to make use of your pregnancy pillow for extra support during feedings!

Please note that I speak from personal experience. For substantiated information, we always recommend that you take a look at the World Health Organization.

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