Air Travel with a Baby: A Mother’s Perspective

As a mother, I understand the stress many parents feel when it comes to traveling with their baby, especially by air travel. I remember the first time we took a flight with our little one. I was so nervous, the planning, and the anticipation. We chose a four-hour flight to Turkey as our first adventure, ensuring that it was a manageable duration for both us and our baby.

To my delight, the trip went smoother than I could have hoped for. Our baby slept for about two hours during each flight, and we kept her entertained with toys during her waking hours. Fun fact for the wallet, Babies untill the age of 2 normally travel free or with a fee of 50 euro. In this blog post, I’ll share some tips and tricks that helped make our first flight with a baby a success.

Choose a Short Flight for the First Trip

When planning your first flight with your baby, try to choose a destination that is no more than four hours away. This allows you to test the waters and see how your baby adjusts to flying before committing to a longer journey. Our first flight to Turkey was the perfect length, giving us the opportunity to learn from the experience and feel more confident in planning future trips. And remember, even if the flight to your destination doesn’t go as planned, the flight back isn’t necessarily the same. Take a deep breath; you’ve got this.

Be Well-Prepared

A well-prepared parent is a calm parent, and a calm parent leads to a more relaxed baby. Make sure to pack everything you’ll need for the flight in your carry-on, including diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and some toys to keep your baby entertained. Don’t forget snacks for yourself as well!

Bring Familiar Toys and Items

To help your baby feel more at ease during the flight, bring along some of their favorite toys and comfort items. Familiarity can be a great source of comfort for little ones, especially when in a new environment like an airplane. We brought our baby’s favorite toys and switched between them to keep her engaged and happy during the flight.

Switch it Up with Your Partner

If you’re traveling with your partner or another adult, take turns holding the baby and keeping them entertained. This not only gives each of you a break but also provides your baby with a change of scenery, which can help keep them content. My boyfriend and I took turns holding our baby on our laps and playing with her throughout the flight.

Stay Flexible and Adapt

While it’s essential to be prepared, it’s just as important to be flexible and ready to adapt to your baby’s needs during the flight. Keep an open mind and be prepared to change your plans. Maybe the flight is delayed. Or if your baby becomes fussy or needs extra attention.

Food or milk for takeoff and landing

Ensure you have some food or drinks, such as milk or age-appropriate options for your baby during takeoff and landing. This is the phase when they may experience ear pain. To ease this transition, it’s best if they are drinking or eating.

Stroller and/or car seat

 You can usually add both, or at least one of them, for free. Always make sure to check with the airline company. Strollers can often be taken right up to the gate; just before entering, you can leave the stroller. If your flight is delayed, at least you can let your baby nap in the stroller or use your baby carrier. Car seats can also be installed on the plane, but you’ll need to book an extra seat. Remember, your baby should not stay in the car seat for longer than 3 hours.

Stay calm and breath

Traveling with a baby by airplane can be an incredible experience for the entire family. By choosing a short flight for your first trip, being well-prepared, and staying flexible, you can create a positive and memorable journey for everyone involved. Remember, every baby is different, and what works for one family might not work for another. So, trust your instincts and enjoy the adventure of flying with your little one.

Please note that I speak from personal experience. For substantiated information, we always recommend that you take a look at the NCT.

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