8 Delicious Fruit Purees Your Baby Will Adore

When it comes to introducing solid foods to your little one, the journey is filled with excitement, curiosity, and plenty of taste-testing! Fruit purees are one of them. I remember when I started my daughter on this flavorful adventure, I was just as eager as she was to explore the tastes and textures.

I began with vegetable purees, which offered a variety of flavors and nutritional benefits. From there, I transitioned to fruit purees, and finally, we ventured into the delightful world of baby-led weaning. The look on her face as she held her own banana for the first time was a priceless moment! But let’s start with the beginning: the purees.

Here are 8 delicious fruit purees

1. Apple Puree

A classic and gentle taste, apple puree is both sweet and nutritious.

  • Ingredients: Peeled and cored apples, a pinch of cinnamon (optional).
  • Method: Steam the apples and blend them with a touch of cinnamon if desired.
2. Pear Puree

Soft and easy to digest, pears are great for babies just starting on solids.

  • Ingredients: Peeled and cored pears.
  • Method: Simply steam the pears and blend them.
3. Peach Puree

This summer delight will add brightness to your baby’s mealtime.

  • Ingredients: Peeled and pitted peaches, and banana.
  • Method: Blend the peaches into a smooth consistency and combine with banana for a creamy delight.
4. Mango Puree

A tropical taste that is rich in vitamins.

  • Ingredients: Peeled and pitted mangoes.
  • Method: Blend the mangoes until smooth.
5. Blueberry Puree

A little tangy and loaded with antioxidants.

  • Ingredients: Fresh blueberries, and banana.
  • Method: Blend the blueberries and mix with banana for a vibrant and nutritious meal.
6. Plum Puree

Sweet and succulent, plums are a hit with tiny taste buds.

  • Ingredients: Peeled and pitted plums, and banana.
  • Method: Blend the plums to perfection, and add banana for a wonderful flavor combination.
7. Avocado Puree

A creamy texture rich in healthy fats.

  • Ingredients: Peeled and pitted avocados, and banana.
  • Method: Mash the avocados and blend with banana for an indulgent treat.
8. Papaya Puree

A gentle tropical flavor perfect for a sweet little palate.

  • Ingredients: Peeled and seeded papaya, and banana.
  • Method: Blend the papaya until smooth, and stir in banana for a delightful flavor sensation.

Not only Fruit Purees

As my daughter grew and her taste buds developed, these purees became stepping stones to more complex flavors and textures. The joy of watching her taste, enjoy, and even hold her favorite foods herself has been an incredible journey. All the fruits listed above are also perfect for baby-led weaning. Here’s to your own exciting adventure in raising your little sprout! Happy pureeing!

Please note that I speak from personal experience. For substantiated information, i always recommend that you take a look at the World Health Organization.

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